Wellness Management Solutions Toms River NJ

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Wellness Management Solutions Toms River NJ

Wellness Management Solutions

Capstone is striving to help employers achieve and maintain optimal health and productivity by offering an innovative wellness program. Our wellness management solutions in Toms River NJ is geared towards specific chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cancer.

Some of these solutions offer safe and effective programs that are backed by the best minds in science, medicine, exercise, and nutrition. These programs are delivered and sustained through a unique combination of American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coaches, Nurses, and HIPAA Compliant Technology. Their programs are designed for even the most reluctant or intimidated employee to make positive steps forward.

Their HIPAA-compliant & proprietary technology portal includes a Health Risk Assessment, Health Age Determination, virtual health coaching, reminder/notification system, Personal Health Record, risk identification and utilizes behavioral economics and social psychology to encourage engagement. This will offer individuals the support, education, and motivation necessary to take control of their health and to prevent or reverse the effects of specific chronic conditions and weight management needs.

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