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Amazon DSP Contractors

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Amazon DSP Contractors

Partnering with Amazon as an Amazon Parcel Delivery provider is a great economic opportunity. The demand for services is high and projected to keep growing, the entry costs are relatively low, and Amazon offers support for its courier businesses.

However, while Amazon’s independent couriers are their own businesses, to work with them you need to comply with all of Amazon’s rules. These rules include very strict insurance requirements. The insurance demands are intended to protect you and to protect Amazon from any claims that might arise as part of the delivery service.

As a partner with Amazon, you will be required to have the following types of insurance:

  • Trucking Workers’ comp
  • Commercial auto
  • General liability
  • Cargo
  • Health

In addition, you may want a specific type of parcel delivery insurance known as last mile insurance. This insurance covers your delivery obligations. Miss a delivery or fail to deliver something on-time? Last mile insurance can protect you, protect your reputation, and protect your contracts without hurting your company financially.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Amazon DSP’s

Workers Comp for Amazon DSP’s protects your employees in case they get injured and protects your company from lawsuits. We can connect you with A-rated insurance carriers who comply with Amazon work comp insurance requirements.

Commercial Auto

As a courier, commercial auto insurance may be the most important type of insurance you must carry. Commercial auto will protect you for claims for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and underinsured motorists, and uninsured motorists. It is the most familiar to most users, since all drivers need to carry some type of auto insurance. However, commercial policies for DSP providers are designed to protect your business and provide protection from suit for Amazon.

General Liability

This catch-all category pretty much covers the parts of your business that are not covered by other types of insurance. It will protect you for claims for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury.


From the time you get cargo from Amazon until you deliver it to the customer, you are responsible for it. Protect yourself from claims for damage or loss with cargo insurance coverage.


Taking care of your employees is one of the best ways to keep your workforce. You may also be required by Amazon or state or federal laws to provide certain types of coverage. We can connect with providers that will help you meet all of your legal and contractual health insurance obligations.

Benefits of Capstone Coverage

Capstone Coverage works with Amazon DSP providers and other individual couriers. We can help you assess your risk and ensure that you have sufficient insurance to protect your needs without wasting money being over-insured. In addition, we understand the need for cash flow in your business and can provide you with flexible billing options that will work with your business. Contact us at (888) 300-3995 for more information or read more about insurance for Amazon DSP’s.


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