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Fedex P&D Contractors

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Fedex P&D Contractors

If you are going to partner with FedEx for parcel delivery, you need to protect yourself with parcel delivery insurance. Parcel delivery insurance is a specific type of insurance that can make your life much easier if you ever have any claims alleging you did not deliver a parcel as required.

Parcel delivery insurance is in addition to the other types of insurance that parcel delivery drivers or subcontracting companies should have. These types of insurance include automobile insurance, general liability insurance, health insurance benefits, and worker’s compensation insurance. The specific types and liability limits you need depend on FedEx’s regulations and your individual contract with FedEx.


Capstone Coverage handles all types of commercial insurance, including FedEx Linehaul insurance, ISP insurance, and Parcel Delivery Insurance. As an insurance brokerage, we can ensure that you have the right insurance for your courier or parcel delivery company. With FedEx Work Comp, We provide insurance for Parcel Service ISP Contractors, Parcel Delivery drivers, and Parcel Service Linehaul Truckers. Read more about FedEx Linehaul insurance.

FedEX ISP Insurance

There are several types of parcel delivery service coverage options available. Many independent delivery companies are interested in last-mile insurance. This covers the goods that you are delivering and protects you from claims that the packages were not delivered. They can also protect you from claims that packages were not delivered on time. This is important if you are contracted for express delivery.

You should choose Capstone Coverage for your commercial coverage because we offer affordable customer service for the parcel delivery industry. We offer low down payments and flexible billing solutions. Our insurance options are affordable and flexible. We connect you with highly rated insurance carriers who handle parcel services. They offer a variety of different products designed to meet your parcel delivery insurance needs. We can help you connect with the insurer who offers the right products for your business.

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