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Amazon DSP Insurance

Amazon’s Delivery Service Partners (DSP) program has provided an amazing opportunity for logistics and delivery professionals to grow their businesses and make themselves part of Amazon’s global business network. These companies are partnered with Amazon, but are wholly responsible for handling their own expenses, including providing insurance. However, Amazon has very specific requirements about the type of insurance coverage the partners in its Amazon DSP Work Comp program must have.

Amazon requires DSP partners to have commercial automobile insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and in some instances, health insurance benefits. At Capstone, we are familiar with Amazon’s requirements and can help you select the right insurance benefits to ensure you are in compliance with all of Amazon’s rules, while making sure you are sufficiently covered to protect your own business interests.

Many DSP partners ask about Last-Mile insurance, which is designed to cover deliveries from one of our hubs, to the user. This type of coverage historically covers independent delivery companies. Last Mile insurance is there to protect your employees and your company in the event of accidents during deliveries, by covering, not just the vehicles and potential liability to other drivers, but also the goods that are being transported.

However, there is no single Last-Mile policy, just like there is no single DSP policy. Instead, Last Mile/DSP insurance refers to specifically tailored collections of insurance that provide complete coverage for your business.

Therefore, the right Last-Mile package for one company may differ significantly from a package for another company. Some things to consider including in your package are cargo coverage, general liability, coverage for contract carriers, and umbrella coverage. Not all will be required by Amazon, but they may be the most affordable and responsible way to protect yourself from potential losses.

Learn more about how Amazon DSP Insurance and Capstone can help set you up for compliance with their regulations, contact us today.

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