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Get an Auto Quote

Because liability automobile insurance is required, many consumers feel like insurance providers charge inflated rates for basic liability coverage or bait them with low-ball quotes only to switch to higher prices when they are hooked.  Furthermore, vehicle financing agreements generally require comprehensive insurance coverage for the duration of the loan.  Comparing rates across companies without understanding the differences in their policies does little to ease the confusion or resentment because policies can vary so wildly.

To get an accurate quote, you to know what type of coverage you want and the deductible that you are willing to accept.  You also need the age and driver’s license numbers of all drivers; the VIN number, make, model, and year of all vehicles you would like to cover; specific model information about the car; whether the car is owned or leased and whether it is financed; how the car is driven including the average miles it is driven in a day or a week; whether the car has any safety features; and how and where the car is parked at night.  Having this information can help an insurance agent spot any discounts that may be applicable, which can help them find the lowest accurate quote possible.

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