Business Auto Insurance

Many small businesses require vehicles to engage in their daily course of operations.  Unfortunately, the use of automobiles and other vehicles may introduce the greatest source of risk in business operations.  Car accidents are frequent, and when people see that an automobile is owned by a business, rather than an individual, they may see deep pockets and seek damages that they might not have sought if in an accident with another individual.  Furthermore, like individuals, businesses are required to maintain insurance on vehicles or drivers, and the failure to keep a vehicle insured not only exposes a business to liability from an accident, but also to fines for failing to keep the vehicle insured.

Business auto insurance policies can cover a wide array of vehicle types and different usages for those vehicles.  Furthermore, they can cover a wide array of drivers.  One of the concerns that business owners have is that if they have drivers with points on their license or tickets in their driving record, they will not be able to get auto coverage.  However, the drivers for your policies do not have to have spotless driving records to be eligible for coverage, though they might be barred for serious driving offenses.

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