Get a Homeowners Quote

Get a Homeowners Quote

The cost of homeowners insurance is determined by a number of different factors.  Therefore, when preparing to seek out a homeowner’s insurance quote, it is important to have some basic information available for your insurance agent.  The basic determinant of insurance costs will be the size of your home, so you should know how many square feet there are in your home.  Location will be another determinant; in addition to knowing the address, you will want to know whether you are in a flood plain and whether you want to include flood insurance.  Whether you own dogs or other potentially dangerous pets is another question, and you may need to provide the breed of dog, since some policies will exclude coverage for certain breeds.  When the home was built and what it is made of is important.  In addition, any improvements or changes to the home are important pieces of information.  If you have owned the home in the past, then the agent may ask about prior claims against homeowners’ insurance policies.  When looking for a quote, you may want to compare the premiums for different levels of insurance and different deductible rates, to see which one offers you the best combination of affordability and coverage.


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