Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

For many boat owners, boats are their babies and they just want to think about having fun on the water.  However, boats are vehicles, and, like automobiles, they can cause serious destruction if not operated properly.  Moreover, when you are on the water you are vulnerable to other boaters.  Like auto insurance, basic boat insurance begins with liability insurance and most states will require you to carry basic liability insurance on your boat.  However, you can get boat insurance that goes beyond basic coverage.  You can get comprehensive or total loss replacement coverage, which will cover the cost of your boat in the event that you are hit by an uninsured boater or suffer a loss that is not covered by other insurance.  You can opt to include roadside assistance in the event that you encounter towing problems and do not wish to leave your boat unattended while addressing those issues.  You can also get on-water towing coverage, which can be important; the cost of having a non-working boat towed over the water can become enormous, particularly if you are far from shore.  While we call it boat insurance, boat insurance is actually a broad area and covers things like jet skis and houseboats- if it floats, it is probably covered by boat insurance!

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